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The Philippines

Map Philippines Surrounded by the South Chinese Sea, Celebes Sea and Western Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Philippines is a series of islands that stretch towards Taiwan in the north and towards Borneo in the south. The country is divided into three main island groups: Luzon (the northernmost); the Visayas (central) and Mindanao (southernmost). Today, the Philippines are predominantlyCatholic (making up 85 % ofthe total population) and it is the only Christian nation in Asia. Filipinos may truly be the most hospitablepeople in the world.The tropical climate of the Philippines has two seasons: wet and dry. Temperatures in the Visayas range all year between 28 - 35°C, water temperatures range 26 - 28°C. The most reliable weather is from November through mid June. The Philippine summer, from late March through late June, is hot and slightly less humid. During the rains of southwest monsoon which is from July through October, temperatures drop and humidity rises. During November or December the northeast monsoons begin and continue until March. During this time the Visayan Islands might experience some rain.The national Language is Pilipino, a form of the more formal Tagalog which is spoken in some provinces of Luzon. Filipinos have a remarkable facility for language, most are multilingual and in addition to their own dialect (there are estimated to be over 75 of these) speak English.Beautiful islands and reasonable prices make the Philippines an especially attractive destination. Hospitality, friendliness and thoughtful service are the standard.